Monday, 19 March 2012

Dying to Live

Only when a heart attack threatens to take away her husband's life does Alicia find the true meaning of hers. 
     Trapped in a marriage with a man that abuses her, Alicia can't see a way out let alone a happy-ever-after. Getting married and moving to Bridgwater with Nick when she was only twenty-one had been what she'd wanted to do and no one could stop her. A country style life with the man she loved seemed like all Alicia's dreams coming true but like many things in life things just aren't that simple. 
     Alicia doesn't think she'll ever be able to escape her husband's tight grasp and abusive ways but maybe she's given up hope too soon. Maybe hope is waiting around the corner and maybe it will give her more than she's been looking for. The thing Alicia doesn't realise is that everyone has their secrets.

Dying to Live is available here now.