Friday, 14 June 2013

Freebie Friday: My Erotic Alphabet Series - Careers (1/26)

A is for Artist

Series: My Erotic Alphabet Series - Careers
Author: Katie L Thompson
Genre: Erotic
Length: approx. 1650 words
Release Date: 13/06/2013
Blurb: Painting has always been Louie’s passion, especially when beautiful women are involved. His heart lies with his paintbrush as day by day he stands in his studio painting whichever model happens to have crossed his path.

Louie has seen more than his fair share of beautiful women but none as attractive as Naomi. As the painting nears completion Louie’s heart flips at the thought of being able to ask Naomi out on a date. Knowing it’s now or never will Louie have the courage to follow his heart or will he let Naomi slip away forever?

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Louie lay in bed. Usually he’d be asleep the moment his head touched the pillow, but not today. Today he’d gone to bed at ten thirty and it was now one forty seven and he wasn’t any sleepier now than he had been three hours before.
Hoping that a mug of hot milk may help to send him off, Louie got out of bed and padded across his studio apartment in his bed socks, the rubber pads on the soles of his feet sticking to the varnished wooden floor.
A few minutes later he returned to the bedroom and lay down again but it was no use. He just couldn’t turn his brain off. No matter what he thought of he always managed to drift back to thinking about the same thing.

Tomorrow, or more, later that day (depending on how you wanted to think of it) was the day that his latest project would come to an end. After spending three weeks, Monday to Friday, slaving over a painting of what might just be the prettiest lady he’d ever seen, he was almost finished. That was good. Louie always liked finishing projects because then he could start again, with a new model and a clean canvas. The problem was that over the last few weeks he’d grown an attachment to this one particular model, Naomi.

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