Friday, 23 August 2013

Freebie Friday (2/4): Daisy - Extract

My contemporary romance novel, Daisy, is scheduled to be released very soon. It is currently in the last stages of editing and will be available Autumn 2013. To whet your appetite see below for a short extract from the novel!

Title: Daisy
Author: Katie L Thompson
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Blurb: Daisy Snowdon, thirty five, hasn’t been in a relationship for over five years. All that is about to change. Daisy’s mother dies leaving all her possessions to Daisy, including her diaries which date back to her childhood. Daisy discovers things about her mother’s life that she never knew before. Things that lead Daisy to thinking about her own life.
     Still struggling with a phobia of commitment Daisy starts to experience things she’s never felt before. One night stands and no strings attached flings had never been Daisy’s style, but with a new view on life came a new Daisy. However, the heart wants what the heart wants…


“Do you want to go for a drink or something?” Jono asked, after the class had finished.
“Won’t we look a bit over dressed?”
“There’s a cute little coffee shop a few roads over. They’re used to us.”
Jono drove Daisy to the coffee shop, promising to drive her back to collect her car later.
     When they arrived Daisy could see why Jono had called it a ‘cute little coffee shop.’ The walls were painted a pale pink and every spare inch of them was shelved with white painted, wooden shelving, laden with teapots.
     “It’s beautiful,” Daisy said, as Jono led her to one of the tables by the window. The shop was only big enough for three tables and a few benches against the walls.
     Every one of the chairs was different. Some were dark wood, some were light, and all had been bought from antiques fares over the years. Each chair had a pallet cushion made from pale pink fabric dotted with cupcakes.
     “I used to come here a lot,” Jono explained. “Sarah inherited the shop from her grandmother.      When she took over it was just an unused room. No one had been in it for years, except for the spiders.”
     Daisy admired her surroundings. Each of the tables had a vase in the centre, filled with flowers in different shades of pink. She fought the urge to reach over and touch the petals to see if they were real. They looked too fresh to be fake flowers but surely she couldn’t bring in new flowers every couple of days, it would cost a fortune.
     “We suggested she get someone in to help her, but she refused, said she wanted to do it by herself. Even now she refuses to get anyone to help her in the shop. She’s open from ten ‘til five every day of the week. I don’t know how she manages.”
     “Maybe she likes the independence,” Daisy suggested. She, herself, wished she had a little more independence. That was something you didn’t have working in an office. Graham was there all the time to tell you what needed doing when. Soon she’d be her own boss, then she’d be able to control her own work life as well as everything else. 

*** Coming Autumn 2013 ***

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