Friday, 30 August 2013

Freebie Friday (3/4): Daisy - Extract

My contemporary romance novel, Daisy, is scheduled to be released very soon. It is currently in the last stages of editing and will be available Autumn 2013. To whet your appetite see below for a short extract from the novel!

Title: Daisy
Author: Katie L Thompson
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Blurb: Daisy Snowdon, thirty five, hasn’t been in a relationship for over five years. All that is about to change. Daisy’s mother dies leaving all her possessions to Daisy, including her diaries which date back to her childhood. Daisy discovers things about her mother’s life that she never knew before. Things that lead Daisy to thinking about her own life.
     Still struggling with a phobia of commitment Daisy starts to experience things she’s never felt before. One night stands and no strings attached flings had never been Daisy’s style, but with a new view on life came a new Daisy. However, the heart wants what the heart wants…


Daisy shrugged. “Do you have a table for us today?”
“Sure do. Bill come out ‘ere so I can show these pretty ladies to a table.”
Bill’s friend took two menus from a box on the bar and led them to a table by the window.
“I’m Marcus, I’ll be serving you today. Please take your time to look at the menu. Would you like to order any drinks or should I fetch the wine menu?”
“Bit early for wine.” Cameron rearranged the salt and pepper pots on the table. “Sprite will be fine for me.”
“Me too.” Daisy took her knife and fork out of a napkin and placed the napkin to one side.
“Back in a jiffy.”
“I’ve got mum’s will. I haven’t looked at it yet. I thought we should do that together.” Cameron produced an envelope from her handbag and put it on the table between them.
They both stared at the envelope, neither one of them wanting to be the one to open it.
“Here you are.” Marcus put two glasses on the table between them.
Daisy sighed, happy for the interruption.
“Are you ready to order? No. Ok. Well, shout when you are.”
Then Marcus left and they were alone again, staring at the envelope in front of them.
“This is stupid,” Daisy announced. “It’s just a bit of paper.” She reached over for the envelope, slid the contents onto the table and scanned through the pages.
“She doesn’t want a funeral,” Cameron said, reading the pages over Daisy’s shoulder.
“It says she’s left her body to medical research.”
“We can’t even give her a proper goodbye.” Cameron’s eyes began to fill with unshed tears.
Daisy racked her brain for something to say. She didn’t want Cameron to be upset. “We could always throw a memorial service.”
“We could do it on her birthday,” Cameron said, already on board with the idea.
“It would give us plenty of time to arrange everything. We have like six weeks ‘til then. We could make it perfect.”
Just then Marcus appeared beside their table again. “I know I said take your time, but it’s beginning to get busy.” 

*** Coming Autumn 2013 ***

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