Friday, 27 December 2013

Freebie Friday - Going's On

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. It's five days until 2014 - how scary is that? Today I have two things to share with you:

1. I had more free downloads of SALLY'S CHRISTMAS CUPID in the past three days than I've ever had on any book before. In the UK it got to #2 on the list of free short fiction stories and #131 of all free eBooks. I'd like to give a massive thank you to all of you who retweeted my tweets and helped to draw attention towards it, also a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded it. 

If you read and enjoyed SALLY'S CHRISTMAS CUPID please please please leave a review on Amazon, I'd love to know what you all thought of it. 

SALLY'S CHRISTMAS CUPID has now returned to it's full price. UK - £1.88US

Blurb: Sally and Jason have lived next door to each other for three months, and they've never exchanged more than a friendly greeting, but when the postman delivers Sally’s baubles to the wrong address, she gets more than she ordered.

Add SALLY'S CHRISTMAS CUPID to your Goodreads

2. GLASS HALF FULL, my short romantic fiction story designed for New Year, will be out sometime in the next few days. Since it's Freebie Friday I'm going to give you a snippet from the book.

Title: Glass Half Full
Author: Katie L Thompson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 2013

Blurb: Natalie hasn't been on holiday for years, and there's good reason for it. She hates holidays, but when her boyfriend, Sven, suggests a romantic get-away in the countryside to welcome in the New Year, she can hardly turn him down.

When Sven dumps her, Natalie decides to go away by herself. What happens in that one week away is enough to change her view on holiday’s forever. 

As she rounded the corner the music grew louder. The sound of the latest Dizzee Rascal track felt like an earthquake on her eardrums. Moving closer, Natalie could see hundreds of people dancing about – the girls wearing inappropriately short dresses, the guys in torn jeans and t-shirts, with large logos printed onto the front of them.
A giant keg stood at one side of the field with a large crowd of people around it, but she didn’t need to get a drink, the stench of alcohol hanging in the air was enough to make her feel lightheaded. She could already taste the cheap quality beer.
A group of girls tottered past her, knocking her sideways. Without thinking Natalie grabbed onto a nearby table to regain her balance only to be met by a patch of something sticky. She looked around for a napkin to wipe her hand on but, of course, there weren’t any.
“I’ve walked into a party with all the local Uni kids,” Natalie muttered. She’d never liked this type of party when she was in University, and she definitely wasn’t going to hang around to see how this one ended. 

You can add GLASS HALF FULL to your to-read list on Goodreads

This is the last Freebie Friday before New Year. I will be posting again before the New Year to let you know that GLASS HALF FULL has been released and to provide you with links. Happy New Year in advance everyone!

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