Sunday, 10 August 2014

Review: "Breaking Free" by James Grey

1.      Fucked by the football team
This book is wrong, really really wrong. Not only is it completely, 100% unbelievable, but the things that take place in this story border on rape. At first I liked it. The description of the setting and how the girl got to be there was well written. Short sentences created a pace which suited the story. However, the erotic bits are not only disgusting but there are tons of errors. The way the main character is referred to as “little girl” is repelling in these circumstances. I DO NOT recommend this.

1/5 Stars

2.      Hot wet touches
This story was okay. Again, very unbelievable, but not as bad as the first one. The description and the writing was good, it’s just a shame there was no plot and it was so unbelievable.

2/5 Stars

3.      His Prize
The author clearly lives in his own little world. I have nothing more to say about this story.

1/5 Stars

4.      One Summer Afternoon
After the other three stories, I wasn’t expecting anything good from this one. There is an error on the first page – it obviously hasn’t been very well proofread – and more errors throughout the rest of the story.

1/5 Stars

I did not like this book at all. If I hadn’t been reading it to review, I would have given up on it. This will put me off reading this genre of book for a long time. Very unbelievable and lots of errors. It feels as though you are reading a very sick minded person’s fantasies.

1/5 Stars

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