Monday, 6 May 2013

Four Star Review on "Baggage"

When Jess Cooper hears that her ex-boyfriend, the father of her child has been released from prison and is on his way to see them running off to the country seems like a good idea, however, perhaps things aren't that simple. It started off great! I usually know in the first chapter whether it is a good read or not. I was thrown into the story willing Jess out of the terror she seemed to be running from.

Jess can't stop her past from creeping into her future. She struggles with a child, and low income. I felt so bad for her and I wanted someone to give her a life. Well I got my wish and more! What happens when Jess finds a place and moves? Well the new beginning she hoped for is there, she needs a push to go get it. Jess and the other characters living together in this huge house were just so special. Each there for their own reasons and we get to see them all. I really liked the author giving more than one POV. Immediately Daniel was exposed as the silent, smart, mysterious man. Parts of Daniel's point of view were saddening He felt ignored and compared himself to Matt and others, not really as confident as he could be. So there was a lot of angst there.

While the title gives away the theme, it is an awesome theme! Each main character has some sort of baggage. We learned why Jess was running and how she wouldn't let her daughter be thrown into her turmoil. There is a wonderful point when Logan gets into the picture too. I won't go into it but I think it shows how great the character of Jess turns out to be.
The journey of Daniel, Jess and trips to Spain and New York show she wasn't the only person carrying baggage. Each chapter added more to Jess and her relationship to Daniel. I like dhow she wasn't too sure with Daniel but was still not pining away. The end if her Dad and who he is was a reveal worthy of big applauds!

What I really liked was the potential I saw. This could have been epic! While some may critique writing styles that are different between the UK and the US, that was not an issue. I think seeing someone spend dollars and pounds are no big deal. Looking at the big picture it was a good book, loaded with romance and life lessons in mothering!

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