Friday, 3 May 2013

Free Bank Holiday Monday Treat - "W is for Waitress"

W is for Waitress
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Santana has been a waitress since she was sixteen and wanted a part time job. Now she’s twenty one and that part time job has become a permanent career. Santana likes her daily routine but recently something, or rather someone, is upsetting that routine.

David is a twenty three year old business man. He dropped into the restaurant where Santana works late one night on his way home and he’s been going there almost every night since. His routine is simple: he eats his meal, asks Santana out and then, when she rejects him, he slides a fifty pound tip into the pocket of her apron in hope that the next time he asks her out she’ll say yes.

This is the story of what happens when Santana says yes.

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