Friday, 19 July 2013

Freebie Friday: My Erotic Alphabet Series - Careers (2/26)

B is for Bartender

Series: My Erotic Alphabet Series - Careers
Author: Katie L Thompson
Genre: Erotic
Length: approx. 1700 words
Release Date: 18/07/2013
Blurb: Ella spends her time going from guy to guy never finding ‘the one.’ When she breaks up with yet another one of her boyfriends she’s ready to give up on guys all together but Danny has other ideas.

Danny’s been a bartender all of his life. Working behind a bar is the perfect place to hook up with girls but the girl he lusts after always says no. After Ella breaks up with yet another one of her boyfriends he manages to convince her to give him a chance. After all, he’s not her ‘type.’

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Louie could hear sobbing coming from the bathroom, from where he stood behind the counter at the opposite end of the room. Being a bartender it was nothing unusual for him to hear weeping coming from at least one corner of the room, whether it was a girl crying over a breakup or a man bawling over a broken nose, but this sound seemed familiar. He was sure he’d heard it before on at least one occasion.
Sure enough, a few minutes later Ella walked out of the bathroom with red splodges around her eyes and a soggy tissue in one hand.
“You alright,” Danny asked. It was a stupid question really, judging by the sight of her. “I mean, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, just Patrick being an ass. He broke up with me. Again.” By now the tears were flowing again and Danny was pushing a glass of cider in her direction. 
“He’s not worth it,” Danny said, not that it was worth wasting his breath. He’d told her the same thing the last three times he’d broken up with her and yet, the following week they’d be back together and the week after that she’d be sitting back at the bar, crying her eyes out again. It was like a vicious circle which she couldn’t seem to drag herself out of.  He wondered what kind of power Patrick had over her to have her obey to his every command.
Danny had tried for months to get Ella to go out with him. Just one chance. That was all he wanted, but although she’d given Patrick three chances she wouldn’t even give him one. 

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