Friday, 26 July 2013

Freebie Friday: My Erotic Alphabet Series - Careers (3/26)

C is for Chemist

Series: My Erotic Alphabet Series - Careers
Author: Katie L Thompson
Genre: Erotic
Length: approx. 2000 words
Release Date: 24/07/2013
Lana has worked in the same chemist since she left college two years ago. While her friends have been at university spending most of their time going to parties and getting drunk she has been stuck behind a desk, organising shelves and serving ungrateful customers.

It was just an ordinary work day until Sam walked into the chemist, plonked a box of condoms on the desk and slid his business card across towards her. She picked up the card and slipped it into her back pocket. After all, when was the last time she’d done something really crazy?

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The shop was empty except for an elderly lady who was sitting on the floor in the corner of the room fussing over which nail brush to buy.
Lana couldn’t help wondering how she’d ended up here. She was supposed to be the intelligent one out of her group of college friends, but somehow she’d ended up in an awful job, with terrible wages, while they’d all skipped off to university.
It hadn’t occurred to her just how bad her job was until Kayla had rung her up the previous night.
The phone call had gone slightly like this:
“So, how’s uni going?”
“It’s absolutely fab. We stay in the pub most nights until about one o’clock and then sleep in ‘til eleven. Lectures don’t start properly ‘til next week. What about you? How’s the job?”
“Um,” Lana had said, trying to think up an answer which would put her job in a good light. “Well I work in the chemist on the corner. The one where you bought your first pregnancy test, the one that came out negative, not the one that gave you Zoe.”

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