Thursday, 25 October 2012

Review: 'I Forgive You' by Jacqueline E. Perry

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is well known, however, I did just this. The cover of this book was what made me want to read it (of course the blurb had a part in this too) but I felt a little let down. The basic story line of this book has great potential but I didn’t find the way it was written did it any favours. Jacqueline repeats herself many times in the novel and I spent most of the time wondering whether or not I’d already read the part I was reading (obviously with certain parts this was what the author intended) but I felt it dragged on quite a lot and I never really got connected to the character enough to sympathise for her.

I thought the use of emails worked very well in this book and it gave the reader a sense of time passing. I also liked how the author named each of the chapters instead of just simply numbering them.

I am not very religious and for me this book had a few too many religious references to it but I’m sure many of you out there would disagree with me as everyone has their own opinions.

(2/5 Stars)

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