Friday, 12 October 2012

Review: "Who is Paige?" by April Autumn

I think one of the most important (and probably one of the hardest) things when writing is to make the reader connect with the character, to make them feel that they themselves are the character, and April has definitely done this. “Who is Paige?” is probably the darkest story I have ever read and it is hard not to cringe at some of the things that this girl has gone through.

The plot line of this book is very good. The story is revealed slowly but not too slowly that the reader would lose interest and it really makes you think. April certainly has a talent when it comes to descriptive writing and this is what makes this book so effective.

The one thing that I thought let this book down was the simple sentence structure and the simple language used. At times the story doesn’t flow which is a shame as this would improve the book greatly. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dark novels.

(3/5 Stars)

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