Friday, 19 October 2012

Review: "The Living Room" by Bill Rolfe

Bill Rolfe asked me to read and review his book “The Living Room” and I have to admit I was quite worried about what the book had in store for me. This is not the type of book I would usually read and I didn’t know what to expect, however, I’m so glad I accepted Bill’s request as this is an amazing book.
Everything from the style of writing to the story line shows a great deal of talent. Bill has created a main character that everyone will feel sympathy for and support along his journey and he’s paired this with a story line that just makes you want to read more. As the book progresses it becomes harder to put down and I read the second half of the book all in one sitting.

This book isn’t too long and is a relatively easy read. A very moving book that had the ability to make me route for the characters. I have already recommended this book to several people and I would recommend this book to anyone, even if it’s not the type of book you’d usually read.

/5 Stars)

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