Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Review: "Scary Stories for Women Volume One" by John M W Smith

All of John’s work is well written and flows nicely but I didn’t think this volume of short stories were as good as John’s others. I normally like the twists to John’s stories but I didn’t really understand most of them in this book (whether this is because I’m not old enough to appreciate them I don’t know).

I liked the last story of this volume although it was a bit morbid. In such a small amount of words John managed to create characters that you could connect to and sympathise for and I enjoyed the twist at the end (this one I could understand). I liked the moral to this story.

John has named these stories ‘Scary Stories’ although I don’t think they can be called scary they are enjoyable. I like John’s stories because they are quick and easy to read and contain good quality writing.

(2/5 Stars)

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