Friday, 16 November 2012

Review: "Last Teardrop" by Elle A. Rose

I enjoyed reading this book and found it hard to put down. Elle has a great imagination and her talent to develop characters impresses me. When I saw this book I worried that it would be like all the other Twilight copy-cats and I was glad that it wasn’t. This book takes the ‘everyday’ vampire and turns it into something different, something great.

This book tells the story of Amber who is a vampire. Throughout the book Elle gives the reader flashbacks to earlier in Amber’s life so that you learn a bit about her history. I think this is what makes this book so successful. Elle’s fantastic character development makes you route for Amber and hooks you into the story until the very end.

The main reason why I have only given this book four stars is because I think there are just a few too many errors that have slipped through when being proofread to be able to give it the full five stars.

I’d recommend this book to everyone and I’m looking forward to its sequel.

(4/5 Stars)

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